Garrett Soileau Character Award


What is the Character Award?

We  honor a young athlete each season, from each team/age group, who exemplifies the characteristics Garrett possessed: generosity, perseverance, integrity, gratitude, humility, and self-discipline. 

The Garrett Soileau Character Award is chosen by the coaches and is awarded to a player who exhibits these positive character traits. We want each person to want to strive to be their very best on and off the pitch. 

Character builds excellence! Possessing good character traits will improve your quality of life and will take you far in all that you wish to accomplish. Be willing to offer your time, energy, and efforts without the expectation of something in return. Be determined to continue for a purpose, even if it is difficult, in order to reach a higher goal or outcome. Have strong moral principles and core values to use as a guide in life. Treat yourself and others with courtesy, kindness, and respect, and value the worth of all people. Do things well and to the best of your ability. Overcome obstacles, through good habits or willpower, in order to follow the best course of action in order to reach a desired goal. These are examples of the traits that the Garrett Soileau Character Award hopes to honor and foster in our young athletes.  

2018 Garrett Soileau Character Award Recipients



Zakkary Engle



Manuel Varella



Jace Hernandez

Jr High Boys


Kameren Wedewer


JV Boys


Alden King

Varsity Boys


Luke Rizzo

Varisity Girls


Meagan Soileau